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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I feel old but not wiser,
sadness is trapped in my heart
in a tattered home of a miser
who doesn't wish to share a tear
but silently watches the reality of his fear,
of flowing like a morose river,
flustered with agony
walking away
from the shore of desires,
leaving behind
a fleet of admirers
who come and who go,
some from a distance,
some drenching a bit
struggling to hold the receding ground
against the frivolous flow
but no one ever does try
to see beneath the surface,
what lies in its depth. .
may be coz the wind already told them


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yeah, looking beneath the surface is difficult not because there lies the supreme fear of death although concentrated power is stored beneath the surface which blind our eyes... remember... life begin from ground zero... the root level...

    Be Happy... very few writes such a masterpiece.... superb... but hope in upcoming blog you will change the flow.. :)

  3. Thank you. . i wish i could. . .i hope i would !

  4. But your new post is already in public sphere and the tone is same... :( ..

    Why so?

  5. Coz my hearts stil stuck on the same tone!actualy i havnt writen anythn new. . These were writen a few months back.

  6. People advised me to refrain myself from reading any political books... but my shelf is full of this kind of book....

    Just do what you want to do... i think your tone will change... although it's difficult one... and i am still trying to pull up myself from that depressing one... highly depressing.... but it will help...

    what more i can say... i can not write poems.. but they are more deadly than a write up...

  7. HMMMMMmmmmm. . .
    my tone is most definitely gonna change!:D
    am working on it with full dedication!

  8. Great... will definitely wait for a change... :P

  9. PEOPLE R EVER INTERESTED IN KNOWING WHAT IS BENEATH THE SURFACE IT ONLY the true friends or the true biengs u bother to ask what where when and see the expressions in ur eyes
    this world is busy in its choars
    people dont bother

    and rest about death death is a contradictory and a shaky word which can come at any instance when u wish it
    death is when u stop thinking when u stop the will to live when u feel lost and nothing left in life
    death is when ur heart stops to pump the lovely blood
    it all depends on the percivence
    it has different meanings for all

    death comes never to those who who wanna live life to the fullest :D


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