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Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Bloom

When the lights are all drained out
and there is nothing you can see,
just a faint glimpse,
of a nearby tree
covered in mist
the chill being the only thing you can feel
nothing above or beyond,
just a splinter of happiness inside
that turns into smoke
just as you open your mouth to speak,
the silence is overwhelming
and the words go back to the numb head
the night so magical,
that the search for a brighter day is no longer in your mind,
when winter is so beautiful,
that you stop wondering ,if spring is far behind
then is when , my friend
your search is over
and you've finally got
what you were trying,
so hard to find.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If I Cud Tell You,I'd Let You Know

If i could tell you,
i'd let you know
what goes inside my head
when i'm all alone
the vulnerable weakness inside,
covered by the strength that i have shown

If i could tell you,
i'd let you know
why i loose myself in the sky
i'm always smiling ,
but that doesn't mean 
my heart doesn't cry. . 

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know
Why I stare so longingly
when the birds fly,
out of all the truth i have said,
if some of it was a lie. . 

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know
why i keep to myself sometimes
showing no emotion
when your tears scald and start,
why i've never told you
that they drench my every part. . 

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know
why i feel you would never completely understand me,
from the core
even if you wanted to,
why no matter how deep you dig,
you'll always have to dig some more. .

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know
why i appear to be confused 
when i'm perfectly sure,
why i feel there is no prevention for heartaches,
only a cure. .

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know
I'm not depressed,unmotivated
or dwelling in the dark streets of pessism,
I'm stronger than you know,
just sometimes
when the clouds gather around
You fail to see me glow. . 

If i could tell you,
I'd let you know.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The bullets of your words have pierced through my skin
I sought you forever
But that world eluded me akin
I want to reach out
But I freeze upon my stage
And as the spotlights illuminate my being
I pull the curtains and get lost in the blackness
Locking myself, in my lone cage.

I can hear the crowd hooting from below
But my ears are numb to their voice
Coz I just seek your soul
In the stealthy silence of my heart
How destructive it is,
The endless agony of meeting someone
Only to be apart.

I wish you’d realize it never was me running away
I was just trying to enact a play
Where the script was written by you
Even though you may not know
That was only true.

But maybe the truth is a big lie
Hiding underneath the practicalities of this life
May be our hearts want the same
But since we are brought to believe that wishes only come true in dreams
We’ve hidden our feelings
And stitched it at the seams.

The crowd has come and gone
My eyes so accustomed to this heartache
Are bland and dry
They say, I should let the pain out
And for once cry
But they don’t know
It’s the only thing I have left of yours
Except the memories kept in locked drawers.

The show has ended
For me and you
But for those who came by
It never even began
The spotlights were never needed
Nor were the scripts
For whatever had to be said has been said
And my hearts turning a lonely red
I hope one day you realize
That sometimes there are some lies in truth
And sometimes there is a lot of  truth in those lies
You just have to turn blind to what you see
And decipher what wants to be said between the lines.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I feel old but not wiser,
sadness is trapped in my heart
in a tattered home of a miser
who doesn't wish to share a tear
but silently watches the reality of his fear,
of flowing like a morose river,
flustered with agony
walking away
from the shore of desires,
leaving behind
a fleet of admirers
who come and who go,
some from a distance,
some drenching a bit
struggling to hold the receding ground
against the frivolous flow
but no one ever does try
to see beneath the surface,
what lies in its depth. .
may be coz the wind already told them

Friday, August 20, 2010


 The world stands still
drowning in the dreams of the sky,
the rain falls
playing a soft music,
in the ear of these trees,
bent down
sheltering the Earth underneath
the rain touches her infant hands
on the deluge it has created,
lost in the green and the grey
i lift my eyes up
and see through the void
like no one else can
and there i feel it,
the nature's sublime plan.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Oh! how could people sleep through such a night. .
its like those moments. .
when the darkness seems to submerge in the light. .
and every soul. . whether living or dead. .
rejoices with love. .
the magic that has bin shed. .
Its like the clouds scream their own story. .
the wind speaks the unspoken words. .
coz when it rains. .
it caresses in its arms. .both the worlds. .
both the worlds. . one being reality
and one being delusional. .
but the wetness sweeps past the flesh
into the soul. . .
The sky sparkles like a diamond just for a moment,. . then turns dark
being BORN OF COAL. . 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I close my eyes
and the shadows disappear.. .
opening 'em again,i realise
they weren't actually there. .
just a hallucination,
just a figment of my imagination,
i thought they'd last,
then looking at my past,
i realised,
they never did stay
nor will they ever. .
coz every thing's just momentary,
as nothing lasts forever. .
i need to look beyond these fake silhouettes
behind them. . .there would be somewhere my real world. .
but for now I've lost it in the flight of these unencumbered birds. .
but I've learned and moved on
i might be standing still for a while. .
.waiting for the shadows to reappear
but my solitude is my path. .
I'll find my other part after another mile. .
till then i close my eyes . . .
knowing that the shadows have gone
but now i realise they never were there. .
so i walk alone. . .wiping the tears . . .the memories . . which make me forlorn.

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