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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I close my eyes
and the shadows disappear.. .
opening 'em again,i realise
they weren't actually there. .
just a hallucination,
just a figment of my imagination,
i thought they'd last,
then looking at my past,
i realised,
they never did stay
nor will they ever. .
coz every thing's just momentary,
as nothing lasts forever. .
i need to look beyond these fake silhouettes
behind them. . .there would be somewhere my real world. .
but for now I've lost it in the flight of these unencumbered birds. .
but I've learned and moved on
i might be standing still for a while. .
.waiting for the shadows to reappear
but my solitude is my path. .
I'll find my other part after another mile. .
till then i close my eyes . . .
knowing that the shadows have gone
but now i realise they never were there. .
so i walk alone. . .wiping the tears . . .the memories . . which make me forlorn.

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